Road to Revolution I Unit: 1763-1770

Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11th. NEW DISCUSSION OPEN ABOUT VETERANS

Monday, November 13- HW: Due Watch and React to the ABC-CLIO "Causes for Resistance Video" with at leas 5 questions and/ or comments in your spiral. See your ABC-CLIO Index. (Under The American Revolution / Organizing Colonial Resistance)
French and Indian War Maps due.
ABC-CLIO French and Indian War video- Aftermath of War
Pontiac's Rebellion, Proclamation Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act

Tuesday, November 14- HW: Complete Day Boston Massacre Mock Trial Day 1 Assignment
Stamp Act Congress, Townshend Acts,
Boston Massacre Trial Background and Role Assignments

Wednesday, November 15-HW: When possible according to your role, complete Trial Day 2 assignment (Due by Tuesday, November 21)
Boston Massacre Trial Day 1: Preparation, Charging of Defendants, Opening Arguments, Prosecution Witnesses called.

Thursday, November 16-HW: Finish DC Hot Spots Project- Due tomorrow!
DC Hot Spot Project Workday

Friday, November 17-HW: Great American Quote write up due Monday.
Boston Massacre Trial Day 2- Conclude Prosecution Witnesses, call Defense Witnesses.

Monday, November 20-HW: Bring all of your DC Scrapbook projects and pictures and supplies along with your Chromebook to your Homeroom tomorrow.
Boston Massacre Trial Closing Arguments and Jury Deliberations and Verdict
Launch Mission U.S. I "For Crown or for Colony" online simulation.

Tuesday, November 21-HW: Have a great Thanksgiving Break! (Mission U.S. due Wednesday after Thanksgiving)
DC Scrapbook Workday
Mission U.S. Game Play 7th and 8th periods.

Thanksgiving Break!

Coming Attractions:
Geography BEE
Breakout Box Challenge #2
Road to Revolution II Unit 1770 through the Declaration of Independence in 1776
ROOTS will be shown the week before Winter Break to contrast American Slavery with American Liberty.