Class Announcements:

Final voting for Mock Congress took place on Friday. To see the bills that went the distance and were passed by Committee, the House, AND the Senate, go to the MockCongress2017 wiki and check the menu link "Bills Passing Both Houses".

Congratulations to the sponsors of the Bills that would next be sent to the White House for the Presidents' Signature.

Monday- check out the Mock Congress wiki for some best of photos from Mock Congress.

All Mock Congress grades are counting towards 3rd quarter for which final grades are due on Tuesday, March 21. Please Check your PIV and let us know of any mistakes that you find on Monday.

Monday this week we will have shortened afternoon classes due to the Career Day guest speakers that you've signed up for.

The First Extra Credit Discussion is "President Trumps' Budget Requests" which will open Sunday evening and reference recent articles from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This week we'll follow Jefferson into some Foreign Policy challenges that he faced and then stick to that theme as we study President Madison, the War of 1812, and then President Monroe who followed. Remember to do your ABC-CLIO reading and viewing and to work on your Presidential Rating Sheets along the way. We will have a 25 point summative on Friday, March 24th over the first 5 Presidents and their Administrations: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. This summative will feature 20 multiple choice questions and one 5 point short answer response. Those who have planned absences for Friday MUST make arrangements to take the summative before leaving, or immediately following Spring Break.

A Big Picture overview of the unit is NOW posted below. Please be sure to have all of your Early Republic papers organized in the Current Unit section of your binder. You are expected to bring your Social Studies binder and your Social Studies spiral notebook to class every day.

Early Republic Big Picture


Upon ratifying the Constitution in 1788, elections were held and the new government was put into place in 1789. Washington was unanimously elected president. North Carolina and Rhode Island each ratify by 1790, and our new government began its work of administering the Constitution. The Bill of Rights promised to the Anti-Federalists by the Federalists are added to the Constitution as the first 10 amendments, and are ratified in 1791. The Government will proceed from there, learning along the way under the leadership of Washington and his cabinet. Our two party political system will solidify and force an amendment to the Constitution to tweak the electoral college system for electing our president. They will deal with a rebellion of Western Pennsylvania farmers and a Revolution in France that is perhaps the greatest (in terms of impact for better or worse) in the history of the modern world. They'll go to war against Barbary Pirates, and war again against Britain to resolve differences that carried over from our war for independence. They'll create the federal court system and determine the location of the federal capital and start construction. New states will be added to the union in an order that seems to alternate free and slave states. New territories will be gained through purchase and diplomacy. Population will push west. Natives will be pushed out of the way. Compromises on slavery and the tariff will preserve the union. Connections between states and cities will be made by canal and steamboat and roads and railroads. Invention of the Cotton Gin will enable the South to specialize in cotton produced with slave labor, and the North will industrialize with factories that spin the cotton into fabric (textile mills) and then sew the fabric into clothes.

We will approach this unit presidential administration by presidential administration and ask you to rate each president on several leadership characteristics. All presidents set precedents... offering lessons to apply to the present as you'll see that their world, and their challenges weren't so different from our own.

A fantastic resource for this unit that will be modeled in class is the Interactive Timeline of the Constitution from the National Constitution Center that is linked to this wiki on the Constitution page that is linked to the menu to the right.

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This course wiki-space has been built to be your gateway to all things Social Studies in support of what we do in class and beyond. During our opening unit you'll join the site and be given a guided tour before being sent off on your own explorations. You should visit this site regularly as part of your academic routine and we hope you will help us build this site further through your participation in discussions and by suggesting websites, videos, documents and more to add to our collection of online resources. This site will also be connected to your Google Classroom for Social Studies

Students will be assigned articles to read and videos to view in their online textbook: the ABC-CLIO online American History encyclopedia that is linked to the Menu. These resources offer outlines of key ideas, and all of the articles may be read to the students by clicking on the audio button. Our resources link also connects to pages packed with online resources to enrich and expand all of our units of study. To review- the American Nation text site provides practice chapter tests, and the Class Zone Activities site provides many interactive review activities. Both of these will be again demonstrated to students in class.

We hope to again have access to the online version of the Plain Dealer. Students will be provided log in user names and passwords in class. We hope this will help students keep up with the news and better contribute to the extra credit wiki-discussions.

Every link in the menu leads to amazing Social Studies resources that will be worked with in this course.


Junior Scholastic

Check out the Junior Scholastic link in the menu to the right. This links to the online version of the student newsmagazine. Harmon has a subscription and the log in is provided on the page for students. This will be a great resource for Mock Congress as back issues are all searchable for issues... and current issues will be regularly featured in our extra credit discussions that will run both through this wikispace and through Google Classroom.

Online Plain Dealer

The iPD link to the right gives access to an online version of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. When it is reactivated with our new subscription, we will provide log in information to students. This resource will be used to bring current events into our classrooms. Meanwhile, students are invited to use the every day access- including Sundays to read the news about other topics... Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Autos, etc... Enjoy this gift from the Plain Dealer Newspapers in Education program.


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