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This week we are going to learn about the American West after the Civil War during the same time frame as Reconstruction in the South. For this, you'll play Mission U.S. 3- "Cheyenne Odyssey", and take on the role of a Native American boy on the Great Plains. You'll play one part in class, and the next for HW and complete a log of your notes, comments and questions, and- in class, which one of a collection of primary sources best validates your experiences during the episode.

Civil War Image Collages are being scored and returned through Google Classroom. The Civil War and Reconstruction Summative will be returned and reviewed as soon as it has been completed by all students.


THE NEW AND LAST EXTRA CREDIT DISCUSSION OF THE YEAR HAS BEEN POSTED: Lessons Learned- Connecting America's Past to America's Present.

See "Assignments" for the week's plans. A NEW Big Picture summary is posted below in Video Format this final unit.

Please bring your binder, spiral, and charged chrome-book to class everyday.

Civil War and Reconstruction Big Picture

Be sure to explore the extensive online resources that have been posted to the resource page on this topic. For starters, here is a trailer for the Ken Burns Civil War Documentary Series.

And here is an introduction to the efforts after the war to put the country back together without slavery- the period known as Reconstruction:

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Students will be assigned articles to read and videos to view in their online textbook: the ABC-CLIO online American History encyclopedia that is linked to the Menu. These resources offer outlines of key ideas, and all of the articles may be read to the students by clicking on the audio button. Our resources link also connects to pages packed with online resources to enrich and expand all of our units of study. To review- the American Nation text site provides practice chapter tests, and the Class Zone Activities site provides many interactive review activities. Both of these will be again demonstrated to students in class.

We hope to again have access to the online version of the Plain Dealer. Students will be provided log in user names and passwords in class. We hope this will help students keep up with the news and better contribute to the extra credit wiki-discussions.

Every link in the menu leads to amazing Social Studies resources that will be worked with in this course.


Junior Scholastic

Check out the Junior Scholastic link in the menu to the right. This links to the online version of the student newsmagazine. Harmon has a subscription and the log in is provided on the page for students. This will be a great resource for Mock Congress as back issues are all searchable for issues... and current issues will be regularly featured in our extra credit discussions that will run both through this wikispace and through Google Classroom.

Online Plain Dealer

The iPD link to the right gives access to an online version of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. When it is reactivated with our new subscription, we will provide log in information to students. This resource will be used to bring current events into our classrooms. Meanwhile, students are invited to use the every day access- including Sundays to read the news about other topics... Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Autos, etc... Enjoy this gift from the Plain Dealer Newspapers in Education program.


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