2012 March 6th Election and Super Tuesday Presidential Primary Election in Ohio

A number of issues are on the March 6th ballot, and we will explore and discuss these on Monday March 5th. For Tuesday, March 6th, you are to explore the following links to decide which presidential candidate you think is best for our country - in preparation to voting in our mock election on Tuesday. You will also endorse one of these candidates for president on your Mock Congress personal page.

This discussion is meant for you to try to persuade others to agree with you in your choice of candidate... and for you to read why other students favor other candidates.

Following March 6th, this discussion will remain open to analyze the election results from the presidential primary.

Follow these links to learn about the candidates, their qualifications, their records, and their positions on the key issues facing our country today. Please don't sign up to contribute money or to get messages from the campaigns as most sites will surely have pop ups asking you to do this. Just close them, and explore the content.

Presidential Race

Democratic Candidates
Barack Obama

Republican Candidates
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum

Political Party and Candidate Selector Questionnaires

Select Smart (24 thinking Questions)

Find your Match (45 easy Questions)

Candidate Comparison based on 45 Issues