2012 Political Ads-

Now that the Republican and Democratic Conventions are over, both campaigns are in full swing. Between now and the debates in October, candidates will be visiting the battleground states and blitzing the airwaves with state specific ads. You'll also start seeing more advertising for Senate and House candidates, and state level office candidates and issues. Which ads work? Which ads don't? Which ads cross the line? Which ads are great examples of the different propaganda techniques of:

  1. Name Calling
  2. Card Stacking
  3. Transfer
  4. Testimonial
  5. Glittering Generalities
  6. Plain Folks
  7. Transfer

What you see on TV you can find online on You Tube and at campaign websites. You can link these to your messages by coping the full address and pasting it into your message. What you see on TV will soon be augmented with print ads to your mail. The internet is full of political advertising.

By paying attention to ads, you will learn about candidates and issues,but only if you analyze them. Start here, and share you thoughts and analyses.