2012 General Election Endorsements.

There is more than the presidency of the United States up for election on November 6th. There are many other candidates running for different offices at the local, state, and national level. Additionally there are 2 state issues and 1 local issue that voters in Aurora will have an opportunity to decide.

Closer to the election, you will have a chance to vote in a mock election featuring all of these other races in addition to the U.S. presidency. This Sunday, the Plain Dealer has started endorsing different candidates and issues which it thinks best for North East Ohio and which it is recommending to its readers for their vote. What do you think? Who and/ or which of the following have you heard about? Which do you endorse and why? This discussion will remain open until our Mock Election, and will be the final discussion of 1st quarter unless there are other stories that we need time beyond class to discuss.

Here is a link to the Portage County Board of Elections: http://www.co.portage.oh.us/election/Current_Election-Menu.htm
Don't forget about the League of Women Voters Candidates and Issues night at Harmon Middle School at 7pm on Wednesday, October 17th.


For U.S. Senate
Sherrod Brown (D)
Josh Mandel (R)
Scott Ruperty (I)

For U.S. House of Representatives 14th District to replace Steven C. LaTourette who is not running for re-election-
Dale Virgil Blanchard (D)
Elaine Mastromatteo (Green)
David Macko (Libertarian)
David Joyce (R)

For Ohio Senate 18th District
Jim Mueller (D)
John Eklund (R)

For Ohio House of Representatives 76th District
Tom Warren (D)
Matt Lynch (R)

Portage County Offices: County Commissioner, County Prosecuting Attorney, Clerk of Court-Common Please, County Recorder, County Treasurer, County Engineer, County Coroner,

State Offices: State Board of Education, Ohio Supreme Court, 11th District Court of Appeals

State Issue 1- Constitutional Reforms
State Issue 2- BiPartisan Committee to Draw Representative Districts

Issue 36- 5.9 Mill Aurora School Levy