2012 Election

Please do not sign up for information from or to donate to any of the presidential campaigns. Their web sites are linked so that you may inform yourself about their qualifications and positions on issues

On your Mock Congress Personal Page you will be asked to endorse one of these candidates as a way of expressing your political point of view.

Presidential Race

Sabato's Crystal Ball- Great Updates and Analysis on the 2012 Presidential Election

Election 2012- Scholastic Resources
CNN Election Central
Democratic Candidates
Barack Obama
You Tube Channel- Obama

Republican Candidates
Newt Gingrich (no longer running)
Ron Paul(no longer running)
Mitt Romney
You Tube Channel- Romney
Rick Santorum(no longer running)

Political Party and Candidate Selector Questionnaires

Select Smart (24 Questions)

News Sources for Convention, Campaign, and Election Coverage...