Election 2012- Presidential Candidates Debates

The first presidential candidates debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will be held on Wednesday, October 3rd. If you watch this, take notes, and analyze the responses and results you can [[#|earn]] extra credit. By participating in this discussion before and afterwards, you can earn additional extra credit.

From now until Wednesday, look ahead to the debate. What issues do you hope that the candidates will speak about. What positions do you want them to take? What else will you be looking for from the candidates? Would you be willing to change your mind about your preferred candidate as a result of the debate, or are you firmly decided in favor of either Obama or Romney and expect only to have your opinion [[#|confirmed]]

In the Plain Dealer today, the following points were noted as advice to each of the candidates in the article "Debates are Opportunity to Score Big"

For Mitt Romney
1. Just Win Baby!
2. Sound presidential
3. Reshape your image as more positive
4. Bring on the specifics
5. No mistakes

For Barack Obama
1. Avoid a catastrophic mistake
2. Focus on the future
3. Be nice and respectful to Mitt Romney
4. Don't sound like a professor
5. Reach out to disaffected 2008 supporters

After the debate on Wednesday, post about the debate itself? Did your preferred candidate meet your expectations? exceed them? fall short? What were the most memorable lines? What were the best questions? What did you think about the format for the debate? Do you think that one of the candidates won this debate? Why?