2012-13 Practice Discussion: Election 2012 Now Closed

If the election for president were held today and you could vote, who would you vote for? Barack Obama and Joe Biden or Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan... or which other 3rd party candidates? Why? What issues are most important to you, and where do stand on them? What do you think about the political ads that you've seen or heard? You might also discuss the Ohio Senate Race Between Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel, or the 14th District House of Representatives race now that Congressman LaTourette has withdrawn from the race.

Please give a specific title to your message, and support your statements with specific examples. You may of course disagree with each other, but you need to respect each other. Choose your words wisely, and check your spelling.

Begin by clicking the speech bubble icon on top of this page. You must have joined this wiki and be logged in to participate in the discussion.

This discussion will be open until Tuesday, September 4th.

Below are last year's last quarter discussions that you might look over as examples.

2011-12 4th Quarter Discussions

You know how this works by now. Some discussions will connect to the Annenberg Speak Out National Discussions. For those you earn double credit for posting both to the Harmon discussion and to the Speak Out Discussions. Be sure to note on your Harmon posting that you also posted to the national discussion.

Posting earn from 1 to 5 points per message or reply depending on the originality and quality of your comments. Key to earning points is explaining and giving specific examples. You may also insert links to related resources / articles in your messages.

You may earn a maximum of 10 points total per discussion board, and a maximum of 30 points total for the quarter.

Topic 1: Is it Unconstitutional to Require people to buy Health Insurance? NOW CLOSED!(Open 2 April- 10 April)
Topic 2: Lessons of the Trayvon Martin Tragedy NOW CLOSED!(Open 2 April- 10 April)
Topic 3: Stand Your Ground NOW CLOSED ! (Open 10 April- 16 April)
Topic 4: Should the Minimum Wage be raised to $10 per Hour? NOW CLOSED !(Open 16 April-23 April)
Topic 5: Should Employers be allowed to ask for Employees' Facebook Passwords? NOW CLOSED! (Open 23 April- 30 April)
Topic 6: Who should Mitt Romney choose to be his vice presidential running-mate? NOW CLOSED! (Open 30 April- 7 May)
Topic 7: Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy NOW CLOSED! (Open 7 May- 14 May)
Topic 8: Mock Congress Issues Survey NOW CLOSED! (Open 14 May through 30 May)