2011 Issues

You've reviewed the big magazine cover stories of the Summer of 2011. You chose the story that was most important to you and explained why. You've begun following the news more closely over the weekend, and will be developing your news reading abilities to the point that you'll be able to read into and analyze the news. You'll connect current events to past events to compare and contrast, draw lessons and make predictions. Through the Mock Congress process you'll focus in on the issues that you have a passion for and develop the expertise needed to write plans for action into bill format.

If Mock Congress were to be held today, what issue would be most important to you ? What do you know and think about it ? What do you think America and Americans should do about it ?

This opening discussion will run through Tuesday, September 6th.

To participate click on the Discussion Tab above and either start your own topic, or jump into a topic already being discussed.
Each post you make is worth up to 5 points depending on how much you say, how accurate you are, and how well you bring in outside information to support your point of view.