November 2011 Election

If you could vote in this year's election, Who or What would you vote for and why? Below are a list of the races that will be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 8th. By now you should have been receiving ads and campaign flyers in your mail, getting phone messages, and seeing and hearing TV and Radio ads for and against Issue 2 especially. Check the Bulletin Board by Mr. Brancazio's room for a collection of balanced information giving opposing viewpoints on the local candidates and issues as well as the state issues up for the vote on November 8th. We will discuss each in class on Thursday, November 3rd prior to doing a mock election through Turning point.

By all means talk to your parents about this election.

When you post to this discussion, please be respectful towards the candidates, and towards each other. We must agree to disagree on occasion, and majority vote is what decides each race in the end. Part of democracy also involves accepting the outcome of elections and working with the winners to lead Aurora, and Ohio successfully... until the next election gives voters the chance to again bring about a peaceful change of their government.

Here is a link to the League of Women Voters site for more election information- LWV

Here is a link to the Portage County Board of Elections where you can see the ballots for candidates and issues- Board of Elections

Here is a link to a map of the voting wards and precincts in Aurora- Aurora Ward Map

Local Races

Only if you live in the Ward in Question- See the map to be posted on the bulletin board.
Ward 2 Councilperson
Ward 4 Councilperson
Ward 6 Councilperson

All Aurora
At Large Council Person (vote for 2)
School Board (vote for 2)
Library Issue
Aurora Schools Renewal Levy

Ohio Issues-
Issue 2- Referendum on Senate Bill 5
Issue 3- Opt out of National Health Care