2011 3rd Quarter Discussions


This quarter all extra credit discussions will be supported with the Annenberg Program Speak Out forums that give you solid background information and a national voice. Very often, the Annenberg topics will reflect the article reports that you've discussed in class at the beginning of each week. You may earn up to 5 points per post- but you may double your credit up to 10 points per discussion by posting both to the national site as well as to the Harmon SS8 discussion. 10 points is the maximum credit you can earn per discussion regardless of how much you post- and 30 points is the maximum extra credit that you may earn per quarter through these discussions. Beyond the credit though- your participation in these discussions will help you practice you persuasive powers and political skills for the Mock Congress event that will culminate our year after the OAA's in May.

This quarter- you may only post your own posts until Thursday of a week. After that- only replies may be added for credit. If you do create an original post, please check back after Thursday, if not sooner, to see if you've prompted comments and questions- and then defend and expand your original thoughts for even more points.

Also this quarter, you must follow the link to get to the topic explanation along with the link to the Speak Out National Discussion forum

See your original Article Report / Discussion Board instructions for our scoring rubric.

Topic 1- Immigration and the Mexican Border- NOW CLOSED. Opens Wednesday, January 18th and closes on Monday, January 23rd.
Topic 2- Corporations, First Amendment Rights, and Campaign Ads. NOW CLOSED. Opens Mon, Jan 23rd, and runs until Mon, Jan 30th
Topic 3- Obama State of the Union Address. NOW CLOSED. Opens Tue, Jan 24th, and runs until Mon, Jan 30th
Topic 4- Internet Piracy, SOPA and PIPA, and the "Blackout" last Wednesday.NOW CLOSED. Opens Wed, Jan 25th and runs until Wed, Jan 25th.
Topic 5- Taxation: Should the Rich Pay More? (Including Kim Kardashian). NOW CLOSED! Opens Mon, Jan 30th and runs until Mon, Feb 6th
Topic 6- What the Super Bowl shows about America. NOW CLOSED! pens Sunday, Feb 5th and runs until Sunday, Feb 12th.
Because of a Technical Glitch, Topic 7 was not available last week and will thus remain open until next Monday.
Topic 7- 4th Amendment, Technology, and Search Warrants. NOW CLOSED!Opens Sunday, Feb 6th and runs until Mon, Feb 27th
Topic 8- No Child Left Behind and OAA Testing. NOW CLOSED !Opens Tuesday, Feb 21st and runs until Tue, Feb 28th.
Topic 9- Super Tuesday- March 6th Election and Presidential Primary. NOW CLOSED! Opens Tuesday, Feb 28th and runs until Sunday, March 11th
Topic 10-Should UnHealthy Snacks be Banned from School Vending Machines? NOW CLOSED! Sunday, March 11th, and runs through Sunday, March 18th.
Topic 11- Is it time to leave Afghanistan? NOW CLOSED! Monday, March 19th through Friday, March 23rd.