1776 , The Declaration of Independence, and the Revolutionary War.

Our American Revolution- Colonial Williamsburg Site
1775-76 Timeline
1777-1783 Timeline
The American Revolution.org
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British Battles.com
Liberty ! The American Revolution (PBS)

1. Patriot Spy- National Park Game that Explores 1775 Boston (Easy)
2.Lexington and Concord Animated
3.Battle of Bunker Hill Animated
Battle of Bunker Hill
Liberty Kids Battle of Bunker HIll
4.Revolutionary War Battle Tactics- Interactive
5.Brainpop Interactive Timeline of the American Revolution

Animated Revolutionary War Battles (choose from the menu to view a specific battle)
African Americans in the War
Lord Dunmore's Proclamation
War in the North

War in the Middle Colonies

War in the South

War Journalism Project Research Resources
Easy Bib (For making your Bibliography)
1776 Newspaper Sample
(Modern) Newspaper Style Account of the Boston Tea Party
Time for Kids- How to Write a News Article

Battle of Trenton
10 Days that Changed the World- Washington Crosses the Delaware

Valley Forge
Swamp Fox - Francis Marion
Battle of Yorktown

Our Founding Fathers Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin sing: "Too Late to Apologize".

Dramatic Reading of the Declaration of Independence:

Morgan Freeman Introduction...

Dramatic Reading...