May 16th 2016 Scholastic- "A Wild Ride to the White House" Edition

For this discussion, please read your choice of the following features and articles from the May16th issue of Scholastic Magazine which is linked to the menu of the wiki as well as here:

The login password is Harmon6th.

For the article or feature that you read, please give the title in the title of the post. You may post a comment or a question. What did you learn? What do you think? What more do you want to know? Depending on the length of each article/feature the points vary for your first post. Replies are scored as as always from 1-5 points.

1. Democrats Face Off (5)
2. Summer Election Guide (5)
3. Will Rio Be Ready- Summer Olympics- (5)
4. The Changing United States (5)
5. From Farm to Trash- Food Waste (5)
6. Debate- Is it Fair to Charge Men and Women Different Prices for Similar Items? (5)
7. Cartoon- Bearing the Torch... Zika Threat to Summer Olympics (3)