13 Colonies Online Resources

Check Out:
General Information
Founding the Colonies
Mr. Nussbaum 13 Colonies
13 Colonies House-PBS. Interactive Games set in the World of 1628
The Original 13 Colonies
Land of the Brave

History of Immigration to the 13 Colonies

New England-
New England Colonies- US History.org (several pages- use drop down menu or hit next to browse them all)
New England Sea Port Animation
Colonial Trade Routes
Colonial Boston Interactive Map
Salem Witch Trials, The World Behind the Hysteria (Discovery Education)
National Geographic Salem Witch Trials Interactive
Famous Trials- the 1692 Salem Witch Trials
Middle Colonies-
Middle Colonies-US History.org
Citizen Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin's Autobiography
Interactive Map of Colonial Philadelphia
Southern Colonies-
Southern Colonies-US History.org
Dressing the Part in Southern Society
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg- Tour the Town
Mount Vernon
Maryland- Build a Plantation Simulation
Encyclopedia of Virginia
When Rice Was King
A Woman Rice Planter (Diary of a Female Plantation Owner in South Carolina)
South Carolina Gold- Rice Cultivation in South Carolina
Ask A Slave- Web Video Series created by a Mount Vernon re-enactor.
Kingsley Plantation, Florida (Timuacan National Park)
Mansfield Plantation South Carolina (Rice Plantation)
Africans in America
Africans in British America-US History.org
French and Indian War
Deerfield, Massachusetts Raid 1704
The War that Made America-PBS
Fort Necessity
Last of the Mohicans Related Sites on the Battle of Fort William Henry
Last of the Mohicans-Wikipedia
Battle of Fort William Henry- Wikipedia
Fort William Henry: Siege and Massacre
Battle of Fort William Henry
Lake George Historical Society Article
Chapter 4 Review Quiz

If you find any great sites about any of the 13 colonies or the 3 colonial regions- please let us know. We'll add them to our collection of resources.