September 11 Memories and Legacies

None of you were born on September 11th, so you've never lived in a world in which the United States was not at war. September 11 was a Pearl Harbor moment in American History that changed everything. Those alive on the day remember where they were when the news was reported. So many people lost innocent loved ones, or knew friends and family who did.

What have you heard from your family about September 11? Talk to your parents and grandparents. How has it affected your life?

What good, if any has come out of the tragedies, and the conflict with terrorism that has involved the whole world in the years since.

What did you learn from 9/11 Survivor Mr. George Sleigh during his presentation at Harmon? What was his message?

What questions do you have? What comments?

Here is a link to a great article about Mr. Sleigh's experiences on 9/11 and since.

Hudson Man Recalls the Day the World Trade Center Fell Around Him

Here is a link to a whole collection of 9/11 resources on this wiki.